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What are the essential tasks I should get sorted prior to moving day?

Moving house can be made far less painful if you tackle some tasks ahead of moving a mountain of boxes in.

Q. I have finally completed the purchase of a beautiful new apartment and have some flexibility on my move-in date. What are the essential tasks that I should have carried out while it is still vacant?

A. No doubt you have an extensive to-do list, so where to start? Well, Where everything starts these days: The internet. Schedule an appointment with your chosen internet provider to set up your internet and phone line. Next, get the locks changed. By now, the previous the estate agent, the previous owner, the dog-walker and the yoga teacher may have keys to your home. So make new ones!

Think about any decorating or home improvements that will be easier to execute in an empty apartment. Replacing carpeting or refinishing flooring springs to mind, you will be kicking yourself if you leave it until later. The same goes for repainting, your decorator will be thrilled. 

Hire a cleaning service to carry out a deep clean, including all light fittings and kitchen appliances. After the stress and upheaval of moving home, you will revel in arriving at a clean apartment.