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Neighbourhood Guide: Neukölln, Berlin

Neukölln’s transformation is well visible as the district has grown from a once problem area to one of the most dynamic neighbourhoods in Berlin. Entrepreneurs, businesses, and jobs are continuously moving to the area to create a new generation of people. Although all of Berlin is international, it is here in Neukölln that so many ethnic groups live closely together creating true cultural diversity. This combination has allowed Neukölln to establish itself as a popular location for developments ranging from co-working spaces, new living quarters, and commercial spaces. Here is a guide of the top attractions that make it is so desirable to buy a home in Neukölln.

Culture and Galleries in Neukölln

  • KINDL – Zentrum für zeitgenössische Kunst: The Zentrum calls the former Berliner Kindl Brewery home. Since 2016, the refurbished space is used for contemporary art exhibitions. With a cafe inside, you can sit amongst the antique copper brewing vats and enjoy a coffee and treat.
  • Il Kino: Bar, cafe, and cinema, with only 52 seats, Il Kino is multitasking in the most welcoming and cosy way. Enjoy internationally acclaimed films, an impressive collection of Italian wines, cocktails and beers, as well as delicious aperitivi. Have something to celebrate? Il Kino can be rented out for private events.

Nature and Parks in Neukölln

  • Körnerpark: The 2.5-hectare park in urban Neukölln is an oasis from busy city life. The park itself resembles a palace garden with it’s manicured greens, cascading fountains, and an orangery that houses a cafe and a gallery for exhibitions. 
  • Britzer Garten: Hosting the 1985 Federal Garden Show, the Britzer Garden is one of the most attractive parks in all of Berlin. There are over 10 hectares of lakes, playgrounds, and cafes. The most famous attractions on site are the rose garden and the largest sundial in all of Europe.
Picnickers and sunbathers at Neukölln’s Körnerpark.

Shopping in Neukölln

  • Pequod Books: This international bookstore has a vast variety of literature and publications in 25 plus different languages. Named after the ship in Melville’s Moby Dick, this gem of a bookstore has a cosy vintage interior. 
  • CHROME STORE Berlin: A high-end vintage boutique with collections from contemporary designers both local and international, offers customers from all walks of life and budgets a range of brilliant fashion and accessories. The store is in the heart of “Kreuzkölln”, a colloquial term for the district between Kreuzberg and Neukölln.

Food and Drink in Neukölln

  • Lavanderia Vecchia: Tucked away in a courtyard in an old laundromat this restaurant has stayed true to its history. The tables are nestled between rows of laundry, the tables are dressed in simple plaid tablecloths, and purple fluorescent lights illuminate the room. The food is rustic Italian with a modern flare. Reservations are a must. 
  • 21 Gramm: Located in the St. Thomas Cemetery, the restaurant is serving up breakfast, brunch, and dinner. Dine inside the former chapel with high vaulted ceilings with Bible verses written on the walls and stained glass windows. 
  • CODA Dessert Dining & Bar: Dessert for dinner, anyone? From cheese to chocolate, this Neukölln dessert restaurant is pairing savoury and sweet dishes with drinks to match. Reserve a table for a unique fine dining journey.

Bars and Late Night in Neukölln

  • Geist im Glas: From brunch till dawn. Geist im Glas is serving up brunch cocktails to your classic nighttime libations. The bar, translating to “spirit in a glass”, is cool yet casual with a high-quality menu. It is a staple for Neukölln locals and tourists alike.
  • Thelonious Bar: Jazz, classic cocktails, and a dark and stormy atmosphere, this Neukölln bar is perfect for a night on the town. The staff are true mixologists. 
  • Twin Pigs: The atmosphere is undeniably cool. The candlelit bar offers strong drinks, craft beers, and a charming interior. The space is also open for events, hosted dinners, and film screenings.

Buying a Home in Neukölln

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Source: Immobilienverband Deutschland IVD (2018/2019).

Kiez or Neighbourhoods in Neukölln

  • Schillerkiez: Arguably one of the trendiest neighbourhoods in all of Berlin, Schillerkiez is composed of 11 streets in southern Neukölln. The micro neighbourhood is home to some of the best culinary experiences and bars located around a centre promenade.
  • Reuterkiez: Located directly along the water at Maybachufer, Reuterkiez is full of life and international flare. Here you will find trendy restaurants, bars, vintage stores, and an outdoor Turkish street market.
  • Körnerkiez: The Neukölln corner of Körnerkiez is situated between Hermannstraße and Leinestraße. Unlike most other areas of the neighbourhood, this keiz is relatively quiet and not lines with bars. The biggest attraction of the area is without a doubt the Körnerpark and the beautifully preserved old buildings or Altbaus.

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Culture and Galleries in Neukölln

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Shopping in Neukölln

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