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Neighbourhood Guide: Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin

Prenzlauer Berg is one of the most popular areas for Berliners and tourists alike. The former East Berlin neighbourhood is considered part of the Bezirk Pankow. Having survived most of the WWll destruction, it is not uncommon to find full streets with historically preserved old buildings, or Altbaus as they are called in German. In recent years, the neighbourhood has undergone rapid gentrification and is most popularly known as a wealthier area of the city with no shortage of families and children. Don’t fret, the living quarters within Prenzlauer Berg are also bustling with singles and young professionals. Here is a guide of the top attractions that make it is so desirable to buy a home in Prenzlauer Berg.

Culture and Galleries in Prenzlauer Berg

  • Filmtheater am Friedrichshain: “FaF” is the perfect place to enjoy a date night, Saturday matinee, or movie with friends. Located within the luscious green of Volkspark Friedrichshain, this neoclassical building from completed in 1925 is still used as a cinema today.
  • Kulturbrauerei: It is perhaps easier to list what the Kulturbrauerei isn’t. The former Schultheiss brewery is now home to a cinema, clubs, festivals, a museum, and restaurants. It is without a doubt the cultural epicentre of Kollwitzkiez and Prenzlauer Berg.
  • Tchoban Foundation: Architect Sergei Tchoban, based both in Berlin and Moscow, created the Museum for Architectural Drawings to showcase his work. There are also temporary exhibitions from institutions around the world. The building itself is an exceptional display of contemporary architecture.
Looking up to the Tchoban Foundation located in Prenzlauer Berg.

Nature and Parks in Prenzlauer Berg

  • Mauerpark: The park was once located on a strip of the borderland between East and West Germany. Today, it is a lively eccentric, green space. Visit the park’s flohmarkt, or flea market, for local handmade wares and enjoy a taste of different cultures at its many street food stands. For a real treat, go on Sunday to watch karaoke in the park’s amphitheatre. 
  • Prater Garten: Enjoy a beer or two under the grand chestnut trees of Berlin’s oldest Biergarten. Dating back to 1837, this is a Prenzlauer Berg neighbourhood staple for any sunny day in the city. Traditional German food is served alongside locally brewed beer. 

Shopping in Prenzlauer Berg

  • Goldhahn & Sampson: A foodie’s dream. This market of gastronomic delights offers everything from artisanal liqueurs, gourmet coffee to those difficult to source ingredients. Enjoy sitting at the cafe, or as a bonus, sign up to one of their many cooking classes. 
  • Nandi: Looking to decorate the interior of your home with sustainably designed pieces and handmade goods? Nandi is ethically connecting artisans from across the globe with shoppers here in Berlin. 
  • Saint Georges: This English bookshop has both new and used literature. Its collection of publications include rare books, no longer in print, as well as translations from international writers across the globe.

Food and Drink in Prenzlauer Berg

  • Mrs. Robinson’s: A hit since opening, Mrs. Robinsons is more than just the hype. The Asian inspired menu is modern yet sophisticated and always innovative. It’s fine dining with no frills and is a must-visit.
  • Pastificio Tosatti: Bella Italia! Originally from Bologna, this Italian restaurant is serving up varies of homemade pasta and sauces. The food is simple and rustic, but always delicious. The atmosphere is small and quaint. Reservations are recommended. 
  • Hirsch & Eber: Looking for fresh local fare, prepared in top standards? At Hirsch & Eber, they are sourcing meats and produce from forests in the region. Be sure to try their botanical cocktail creations as well.

Buying a Home in Prenzlauer Berg

Average Purchase Price per Square Meter in Prenzlauer Berg

Source: Immobilienverband Deutschland IVD (2018/2019).

Kiez or Neighbourhoods in Prenzlauer Berg

  • Winsviertel: Named after the central street in the neighbourhood, Winsstraße, this kiez is located near Prenzlauer Allee and Greifswalder Straße. It is quiet, green, and not as touristic as other living quarters in Prenzlauer Berg.
  • Kollwitzkiez: The residences establishing Kollowitzkiez are extraordinary, to say the least. Here you will find Altbaus with stucco facades from the Wilhelminian era. Today the living quarters are adorned with local markets, shops, cafes, and restaurants. 
  • Hemholtzkiez: Wicherstraße, Danziger Straße, Prenzlauer and Schönhauser Allee all call Hemholtzkiez home. Here the neighbourhood is lined with beautiful old buildings, cafes, and small local shops. There is a sense of serenity and cosiness that makes this the perfect family neighbourhood. 
The corner of Winsstraße and Marienburger Straße in the Winsviertel kiez.

Suitable Lifestyle Types in Prenzlauer Berg

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Schools in Prenzlauer Berg

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Culture and Galleries in Prenzlauer Berg

Nature and Parks in Prenzlauer Berg

Shopping in Prenzlauer Berg

Food and Drink in Prenzlauer Berg